Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the tours?

Most of the tours  are two hours; some shorter, some longer.

How far will we walk?

Expect about 5,000 steps or two miles

What should I wear?

It is imperative to wear comfortable, cushiony shoes. We will be walking across historical cobblestone paths, historic uneven sidewalks, some gravel area.

Will we have breaks?

Tours lasting over one hour will build in restroom breaks within the tour.

Why do I have to pay you? Can’t I tour on my own?

Downtown Huntsville is a delightful walking area, full of visual markers. What Scenethat Walking Tours provides is the stories, narratives and insights beyond the statues and monuments. Additionally, we share insights into significant places whose building is no longer in existence.

I want a foodie tour, is that an option?

Yes! Foodie Tours are being planned right now.

I have pets, can a bring them?

We have a Bark and Wag Tour that welcomes pets and their owners.

What options exist for wheelchairs.

There is an easy-access, short-distance, wheelchair tour called Wheel Around Downtown. This is wheelchair friendly tour that cover about 2 blocks

Are the tours kid friendly?

There is a family-priced, kid-friendly tour called Downtown Playgrounds. We will cover up to five play spaces. It is about 1 ½ hours. It is designed for children aged ten and under. All other tours are per person priced

What if I have to cancel?

Be sure the read the cancelation policy posted on AirBNB Experiences and on Viator.

What if there is severe weather?

There will be no tours during persistent thunderstorms or persistent severe weather. Be sure the read the cancelation policy posted on AirBNB Experiences and on Viator.

How are tours priced?

Tours are generally priced per-person and based on time, distance and information shared. If you need a personalized tour, reach out to us