Private Tour for Maynard Cooper – May 22


We are so delighted to spend 3 hours with you on a private tour of Downtown Huntsville. Here are some highlights of what to expect:

Date:  Saturday, May 22

Start Time: 10:00 a.m.

Arrival Time: We will immediately be seated at Commerce Kitchen. Promptly at 10:30 a.m. we will have a briefing, set expectations and begin the tour

Punctuality:  If for some reason you are late or get behind, stay in touch with your other colleagues to determine our location. Our arrival times and departure times at the restaurants are precise.  We encourage you to return to these locations on your own time.

Duration 3.5 Hours estimated

Meeting Location: corner of Southside Square and Eastside Square at Commerce Kitchen

Final Location: Holmes Avenue at the location of La Esquina Cocina


    • Explore cosmopolitan Huntsville and its growth while gaining an understanding the narrative of its beginnings


    • The tour director will  maintain 6 foot distance at all times

Mode of transportation

Number of stops

After navigating Courthouse Square,  there are approximately 11 stops


The tour director will provide guests with memorable images from the event. Your album will be sent to you via email or text where you can view, download and share your photos on social media immediately after!


If you feel inspired, we would encourage you to write a review. We will provide you with links to review sites. You have an opportunity to record a video review on location if this interests you.


A feedback form will be sent to inquire about best practices for future experiences.


Bathrooms are few and far between in Downtown Huntsville. Plan accordingly. Use facilities at the designated restaurants

Food & Drinks

Tasting experiences will occur at Commerce Kitchen, Poppy & Parliament as well at La Esquina Cocina. Each vendor will provide a purple cup.

Clothing & Weather

Please wear comfortable and walkable shoes. We will be traversing 200 year old brick sidewalks, uneven walkways and some gravel areas. We want to keep you vertical and safe. We will keep you abreast of weather conditions. Saturday May 22 will be a very hot day.

The Experience

This experience is a customized and curated version of our Downtown Discovery Tour